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LA’s Best New Food Is Sold on Instagram

LA’s Best New Food Is Sold on Instagram

Loving great food and LA as much as we do at LAeats, we are patriarchally focused don finding the best pop ups, pop ins, and collaborations across SoCal. With that we have been seeing a systemic shift in restaurant and hospitality sector.

With so much talent on the side lines with LA’s fine Dinning restaurants closing shrining or just having less demand.Now that talent is going direct to the people via an app we all have, Instagram.

Skip the Shopify or POS,  just make the best food possible, get our tour iPhone and take some get great pictures and some videos. The let the magic of the visual medium help tell the story of your their food.

As creative as they are in the kitchen they, they’re equally creative in finding customers and taking orders. Once they try the food it will make them customers for life

From The Neighborhood Barbecue taking a fine dine approach to barbecue, where Erik one of the two partners shared they view their food as “ low brow meets high brow” with a blend of fine dinning techniques and traditional barbecue methods.

The Neighborhood Barbecue setin Griffith Park

Or Gemini Bakehouse who is now go head to head with LA most well know commercial bakeries. They now even provide the rolls Petit Trios which means they had to meet Ludo LAstname exacting standards. Gemini Bakehouse has of the early 2021 found a retail location to open a brick and mortar bakery with La Sorted, another pop up that started by marketing directly to their followers on Instagram.

Gemini Bakehouse Bread Box w/ Jam

Pizza is making it's own pop up renaissance.

Pop up and Pizza seems to go hand and hand in LA lately, from your Detroit Style pizzas from DTown Pizzeria which first was DM only, and then moved to being a pop up inside of Phorage in West Hollywood, and has not expanded to 3 locations, with a second in Long Beach, and a third in San Diego. Schellz Pizza Co. is run out of DTLA where Michael lives and bakes his Detroit Style Pizza, all ordered directly from him via DM. Then Neapolitan pizza is also seeing more pop ups, and residency as bars in SoCal started to look for food programs that could be sold with any liquor sales. Luna Fresca from Shabnam Ferdowsi, who has created a Neo-Neapolitian Pizza using a great sourdough starter.

Schellz Pizza Co. - LA PAN PIZZA

Even though we have not tried Bootleg Pizza, it was a pop up that was started on Instagram and now has just opened their brick and mortar location in Lincon Heights.

FISH POP - Inside Egg Tuck on Wilshire BLVD (Tuesday thru Saturday, 6pm-10pm)

We only named a few of the great Instagram first pop up concepts, there are others making some great sweets like...., and other who are preparing some great Barbecue like Bartz Barbecue and many many more.

Beyond the traditional pop up, there are more leaning into the approach taken by Fish Pop though The Finishing Gourmet is taking the Instagram Restaurant to the next level by building a ready to eat steakhouse experience at home. This is from the mind of Chef Robert Sulatycky, who's is the Head Coach for the US Bocuse d'Or Team, and is running this great takeout only steakhouse from a great kitchen in Hollywood. They even employe their own delivery team to control the dining and customer experience, this is the future of food service. Notice below that the steak is in a warming bag, comes with it's own quality steakknive, and requires 1 min searing on each side in a pan which is why you see the great 1-min timer included in the box, with the searing oil, butter, salt.

Here is a list of great LA Pop Ups to try in 2021

  • Fish Pop - Created by a chef who worked in a Michillene Stared kitchen
  • Schellz Pizza Co. - LA PAN PIZZA
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