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2022 Has Seen Alternative Foods Explode

The alternative blank category is exploding as new entrants bring alternative meat, dairy, cheese, and even seafood.
2022 Has Seen Alternative Foods Explode

Alternative BLANK is the not hot space for investors in the 4th quarter of 2020.

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It is not just the alternative meats that are growing in 2022

McPlant is taking the alternative meat game and making it main stream, where other major fast food players tried to just use existing alternative meats that become more widely available. McDonalds waited, and tested and ended up partner with with Beyond Meat to be the product and backbone behind this new McPlant. Though McDonalds says it was developed by McDonalds, for McDonalds, they did seem to have some help based on what Beyond Meat confirmed to multiple sources.  

XPRIZE launches Feed the Next Billion - a four year competition to increase the alternative ‘meat’ options available to help feed the world with lower impact non-animal based proteins and

Hong Kong-based avant who is commercializing alternative ‘seafood’ also known as a ‘cultivated fish product’, has raised $3.1 million dollars in November 2020. Avant has a patent-pending platform to produce animal-free fish proteins for food and more.

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Beyond the recent funding drawing the light to the cultivated meat industry. Some have been working hard and deserve some more attention too. There is even a company in Texas called BioBQ that is working to develop the first cultivated meat that will serve to create a ‘beef jerky’ and ‘brisket’ which for two people from Texas makes a lot of sense.

There is even a VC in the space who just raised $50 fun focusing on alternative meats or cultured proteins.

Here is a list of companies that have closed a round in the space in the last 3 months

  • Alternative dairy

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