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Founded by two people who love sharing great food and supporting local business. LAeats bring our audience the the best food and drink reviews, news, and guides featuring greater Los Angeles and Southern California.

On the business side, LAeats publishes the latest food technology and trends in the food and beverage business.

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Key Moments

LAeats makes sure we cover everything, from new concepts from great local small businesses such as Mazal (Shown Above) as well as legendary establishments across Southern California.
Covering LA'S Best and newest food pop ups.
LA is in our name, so it helps define what we have eaten, how we have eaten it, and where we have eaten it. Grand Central located in Downtown Los Angeles (Shown Above) Market has has many vendors over the years, and we have been eating there for well over a decade.
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Starting from Instagram, LAeats focuses on delivering the best content, news and reviews to our audience.

800+ Locations

LAeats started by covering greater Los Angeles, and now cover from Santa Barbra to San Diego.

1,600 Reviews

With new reviews, LAeats has featured 1,600+ reviews that are all 8/10 or better.

Something about Journalistic Integrity

Though not journalist by trade, we value what it means to have journalistic integrity, and we do not charge for our reviews or coverage. LAeats only publishes reviews that we can stand behind 100% and that follow our process and get an 8/10 or better for that item.

From time to time we may work with sponsors and partners who we believe in, and would get a review without any relationship. We believe in sharing companies, places, and brands we believe in as long as we can be direct and transparent with you our audience about that connection.

“LAeats has grown around the idea of supporting local and small business when and where we can”

Our Editorial Team