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LAeats Must Try Pizzas In LA

Do you love a hot slice of pizzas? We do! So enjoy this list of great slices and pies from LAEats with one a day, you can get through them all in a week
LAeats Must Try Pizzas In LA

Who says LA doesn't have great pizza? The East Coast takes the spotlight so we decided to shine a light on some of the best pizzas Los Angeles has to offer on our list of the week. The '5 MUST TRY PIZZA' in greater LA.

Be it Detroit Style, Deep Dish, or even a Square pie; we've got you covered. We look at what cheese, tomatoes, (or not) they use, and the type of dough and crust it will produce.  Finding the best pizza pies and slices in Los Angeles, from thin to thick, is our goal. Pizza is the ultimate comfort food, whether you're enjoying it at home or enjoying it out with family & friends.

Searching far and wide, this list will bring you pies from all over the 400 square miles that make up Greater Los Angeles. LA Pan Pizza you order from Instagram that in DTLA. Detroit Style in West Hollywood, and a food truck with the best Chicago Deep Dish in LA.  As we always share,  we actually visit and review each place ourselves, without paid sponsorships/endorsements so you can trust the simple and honest reviews for MUSTY TRY Lists.

Schellz Pizza Co. - Instagram Pop Up in DTLA

Let us know you tried some or all of the 6 MUST TRY pizzas - make sure to use #LAeats, and @LAeats  on Instagram after you try each one.

Los Angeles, CA
(Pizza Truck)

#EatsFact ™ Chi Pie 331 is a pizza truck that roams the San Fernando Valley and beyond with authentic Chicago Deep Dish Pizza.

Schellz Pizza Co.

Plain with Pickeld Jalapeño

#eatsfact ™ Schellz Pizza Co. is an LA Style Pan Pizza Pop Up who’s all about their dough. ⁣

Westwood Village, CA
Prince of Venice

Plain with Pickeld Jalapeño

#EATSfact ™ Prince of Venice pizza is the traditional Roman-style (pizza al taglio).⁣

#2 1946⁣
West Hollywood, CA
D Town Pizzeria
Pop Up At Phorage Weho

Whole Pizza - 8x10⁣
Classic Detroit Style Red Strip, Oregano⁣
Made With Wisconsin Brick Cheese Blend

Brentwood and West Hollywood, CA

Cheese Slice
Large NY Style Cheese Slice (only available after 10pm)

“LA has become a true pizza city, both in the quality of traditional Neapolitan style pizza, as well as regional specialities”

The  LAeats Winter 2020 Must Try Pizza List

  • #2 1946⁣ - D Town Pizzeria
  • #3 MARGHERITA⁣ - Prince of Venice
  • #4 PLAIN - Schellz Pizza Co.
  • #5 CHICAGO DEEP DISH - Chi-Pie

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